Euro 2012 Fantasy Football – My Team Selection

I know that I said last time that I’d show you my team in this article, the trouble is that I’m a little undecided on my final selections so I’ll do one better and give you two teams. The problem you see is working out whether I want a really balanced team or one with some exceptional stars and less spent elsewhere. Without further ado, let’s look at the balanced team:

GK Akinfeev – Russia

DF Puyol – Spain

DF Boateng – Germany

DF Cahill – England

MF Nigel De Jong – Netherlands

MF Lampard – England

MF Shirokov – Russia

MF Sneijder – Netherlands

FW Benzema – France

FW Silva – Spain

FW Muller – Germany

On the face of it, I really like it. It works well as a balanced team and only includes players from Spain, Russia, England, Germany, Netherlands and France which was my preferred route. The only problem I can foresee is that if one or two stars out there i.e. Van Persie, Ronaldo etc start to really score well. This is what led me to my next team…..

GK – Casillas – Spain

DF – Cahill – England

DF – Lahm – Germany

DF – Ignashevich – Russiaลิ้งค์ทางเข้า ufabet

MF – Iniesta – Spain

MF – Van Bommel – Netherlands

MF – M’Villa – France

MF – Dzagoev – Russia

FW – Van Persie – Netehrlands

FW – Christiano Ronaldo – Portugal

FW – Jelavic – Croatia

It’s not unbalanced per se but I’ve had to trim down a few favourites to get those two big names up front. The logical and experienced side of me says that the first team is the only way to go but my heart loves the forwards in the second one. Of course, to get in one amazing player you’re likely to need to “demote” 3 or four others so the maths doesn’t really work. You should have half an eye on your first transfer as well at this stage, I’m currently planning on bringing in Ronaldo for Muller for the second Matchday as Germany are facing the far trickier Netherlands and Portugal the lowest team in the group Denmark.