How is Your Fan Base Related to the Nile and the Dry Rivers of Lesotho?

Where is the source of the Nile?  The Tanzanians say the Nile starts within their borders.  What comes out in Uganda originates from river Kagera they argue.  The Rwandans claim as much.  There are streams of rivers that flow into lake Victoria from Rwanda.  So, Rwandans say these streams simply continue through lake Victoria to make the Nile what it is.  The Ugandans claim it starts from lake Victoria at a distinct place in Uganda, that is visible to the whole world. So, where does the Nile start?  Well, we may never know the truth.  What I know is that the Nile has two major sources, lake Victoria and the Ethiopian highlands.  These two sources are the basis of its strength.  Without these massive sources, the Nile would not go anywhere.  It would in all likelihood have ended up an insignificant stream.

I have visited Lesotho on several occasions.  As you move around the country you come across many signs referring to rivers.  When you look down into these so called rivers, all you see are gullies and signs of where the water passes.  There is no water, it is clear these are seasonal rivers!  They simply get into life if there are heavy rains somewhere along their course.

How is your fan base related to the Nile and the dry rivers of Lesotho?  If you have a strong source of support like the Nile, you know that all year through you will have fans attending your games.  And if you are like the seasonal rivers of Lesotho, you will always have to wait for the big games to have a chance to have a full stadium.

It is therefore very important to have a home, a source that วิธีสมัคร ufabet is like lake Victoria.  A source that will always be there with you whether you are playing small or big teams.  You must have a community from which you draw your strength.  You have to map out a primary geographical reach of your support and work on it.  You should have projects within this geographical area so that you maintain visibility there.  Full stadium do not happen by accident, you must work on it as an on going project within your total football club set up.

Human beings are attracted to where there are other people.  Just like the Nile.  The Nile keeps on attracting other streams into itself all the way to Egypt.  It is because its origins in lake Victoria and the Ethiopian highlands are strong.  This is true with big clubs like Manchester United.  The more people they have, the more they seem to attract.  It all starts from the strength they draw from Manchester, then the rest of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.