With each passing year,The Rising Popularity of Theme Based Halloween Costumes in Canada Articles Halloween costumes in Canada have more to do with trends than traditions. Following the Halloween costumes and dressing patterns over the last few years, it has been found out that people are experimenting with various looks, trying out the hot and current memes and taking cues from latest cartoons and mythical characters to add more fun to the festival.

With increasing number of video games, mobile apps and cartoons getting famous each year, people are now looking for Halloween costumes that are based on these popular themes. For example, with the popularity of Angry Birds (a mobile app developed by a Finland based game developing company called Rovio Entertainment), those companies selling Halloween costumes in Canada are receiving high demand for costumes of the birds and pigs that are the characters of the game.

Another popular theme for Halloween is Harry Potter. The runaway hit series of the Harry Potter movies have inspired many a Halloween party and people in Canada. People are looking for Halloween costumes in Canada to dress up like the hero bar halloween ideas himself – Harry Potter; the much dreaded villain – Lord Voldemort; the cute little elf – Doby; Professor McGonagall, death eaters and other popular characters of the series.

If you thought that the demand for such Halloween costumes in Canada is only received from kids, then you are far from the reality. A huge number of adults of all ages look for current themes and fashions for their Halloween night, every year. And why limit to only adults and kids, there are fun costumes for the infants as well. Imagine a toddler dressed up like Hedwig – Harry Potter’s loyal owl or carrying a green pig Mylar from Angry Birds. An increasing number of parents are looking for theme based clothes and accessories for their new-borns to celebrate their first Halloween.

To complete the look, there are accessories as well to give the much needed finishing touch, if you must look absolutely convincing. From general accessories like hair clips and tattoos, to theme specific accessories like wands, broomsticks, masks etc., the markets and the online stores are flooded with them all, just to meet the rising demands for these add-ons. So if your 8-year-old decides to turn into the much sought after witch Mr. Potter, then probably the tie, the Gryffindor Robe, the Witch Hat and the Quidditch kit is all he needs to spell a cast on everybody.

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